WÖÖ is an Estonian brand that places comfort, practicality, natural materials and innovation in design centre stage. Its products are marked out by simplicity, clean lines and Nordic minimalism.

This brand currently offers a collection of clothing and accessories including unisex T-shirts, sweatshirts and leather bags. One clear line runs through the entire range – every cut is based on triangles, with seams on the outside and rough edging.

Everything in the WÖÖ range is multifunctional and carefully considered in design terms, being able to be worn in a number of ways – for example, the tees and sweatshirts have no front and back per se, and inside is out. This means that when you buy one shirt you can wear it in four different ways. You can even change things up with our bags – you might buy a backpack, but you can just as easily use it as a shoulder bag or tote. Wear It Your Way!

WÖÖ thinks along green lines – all of the fabrics we use come with ÖKO-Tex certificates, everything we produce is designed and made in Estonia, and anything left over in the production process is repurposed.

WÖÖ is designed for creative people who aren’t shy about standing out, and who value novelty as much as they appreciate comfort. The brand’s creators see their products being worn and carried by open-minded people who lead lifestyles that are both utterly urban and close to nature. They get around on foot, ride bikes or cars and work in an office or, as so many do these days, in a café or home.

WÖÖ is the brainchild of designer Margaret Kodusaar who graduated from the Estonian Academy of Arts with a degree in fashion.  Designer was driven to create the brand by a desire to realise the creative potential and a vision of a new and unique form of design utilising skin-friendly materials.